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Our Company


  • 80 hours per year after 1 year of service;
  • 120 hours per year after 5 years of service


  • 10 per calendar year

Sick Leave

  • 40 hours max. per year;
  • no max. accrual

Other Paid Leave

  • Jury duty, Military duty, voting, inclement weather.

Life Insurance

  • Optional term life available through payroll deduction.
  • Optional short-term and long term disability available through payroll deduction.

Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance

  • Employee optional benefit.

Accidental Death



  • None.

401(k) Savings Plan

  • Employee contribution up to 20% of annual salary.
  • Loan provision: $1000 min.; 50% of account balance or $50K max.

Profit Sharing Plan

  • None

Long Term Disability

  • Available through payroll deduction.

Short Term Disability

  • Available through payroll deduction.

Health Care

  • Employee Plan available.
  • Family option available.

Cafeteria Plan Insurance

  • Employee optional benefit.

Flexible Spending Accounts

  • Employee contributes pre-tax dollars:
  • $1500/yr max. medical;
  • $5000/yr max. dependent care.

Prescription Drug

  • Available through payroll deduction.

Vision Care

  • Employee optional benefit.

Dental Care

  • Employee optional benefit.

Severance Pay

  • None.

Travel Accident Insurance

  • None

Educational Reimbursement

  • Management discretion for special purposes.

Employee Welfare and Morale

  • Includes company picnics, Christmas dinner/party, etc.

Employee Assistance Programs

  • Referral program available.

Pre-Paid Legal

  • Employee optional benefit


  • Management discretion.
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