GSA Schedule

Information Technology Professional Services, 132-51. Authorized ADP Schedule Services Price List. FSC Group 70. Contract Number GS-35F-5931H. Contract Period: September 22, 1998 through September 21, 2008, General Services Administration

Modification PO-0006, dated 17 April 2002, incorporated three additional labor categories: SENIOR NETWORK ENGINEER SPECIALIST, SENIOR APPLICATION PROGRAM SPECIALIST, and SENIOR SYSTEMS ANALYST SPECIALIST.

Purchasing IT services may be just the solution to your problem!

Buying professional IT services is EASY when you use the GSA Schedule, and purchase from a capable company — ATSA, Inc.

A privately held company, ATSA has over 13 years of providing quality technical services to the federal government. Now because of procurement reform and recent changes in the GSA Schedule, you can now purchase service solutions without the time-consuming process of competitive bids, yet still meet all Competition In Contracting Act (CICA) requirements. You get only the services you want, tailored to your specific needs, at a very competitive price. And, there is no limit on how much you can buy.

ATSA professionals are excited by this new development and are eager to help you develop winning strategies to meet your IT requirements. You will be pleased to discover the simplicity and value that the improved GSA Schedule offers. To find out more, contact us at 405-946-2872 or Toll Free 877-535-1086.


What services can I purchase off the ATSA GSA Schedule?


Any IT-related services may be ordered. You may also combine large solution requirements under a single Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA).


Do I lose control if I use the GSA Schedule?


No. When you acquire services through the ATSA GSA Schedule, you will be dealing directly with ATSA. No delays, no costly surcharge, no middleman.


What about the $500,000 order limit?


There is no Maximum Order Limit when you order from the ATSA GSA Schedule.


How do I know I am getting the best price?


Schedule prices have already been determined fair and reasonable by GSA. Also, special customer discounts mean you will get the most competitive prices around.


If I commit money now, may I spend it later?


Yes. A BPA that uses IT funds will ensure that you can obligate funds for future use.


Is there anything really different about the ATSA GSA Schedule?


Yes. ATSA’s dedicated professionals are committed to understanding your needs and helping you achieve your objectives.


Are IT service orders placed under a schedule contract CICA compliant?


Yes. Use of the ATSA GSA Schedule is deemed a competitive procedure under the Competition in Contracting Act.


Can I get a preferred  contractor through the ATSA GSA Schedule?


Yes. There are several teaming arrangements that allow you to continue previous relationships.

Winning Strategies available
from the ATSA GSA Schedule

      Information Systems Engineering & OOD

      ATSA provides full life-cycle services for virtually every technical environment, including information engineering, object-oriented design and development, reengineering, and client/server and host computer support.


      ATSA’s customer-focused processes and innovative technical approaches give you full life-cycle solutions supporting your voice, data and video systems. Our services encompass strategic and tactical planning; system acquisition and relocation; and system analysis, design, engineering, integration, implementation, operations and maintenance.

    Network Security

      ATSA's professionals provide network security services including but not limited to external and internal Internet security assessments through the discovery of Internet connections, ping and port scanning, remote vulnerability testing, verification and exploitation of sample high-risk vulnerabilities, and project reporting.

    C/S Integration Support

      ATSA is dedicated to helping you achieve the cost savings, flexibility and ease of use offered by client/server technology. Our professionals are fully qualified to support open-systems-compliant technologies, including UNIX and Oracle, and are skilled at providing a full range of services, define, integrate, install and operate client/server-based architectures.

    COTS Integration

      Our professionals can help you realize the benefits of a COTS integration approach—high-quality applications developed in a much shorter period of time and suited to your needs. We are able to integrate the products into your organization through effective benchmarking, requirements definition, design specifications, database structures, GUIs and program modules.


      ATSA’s experts are grounded in all the information-engineering disciplines critical to the success of a Rapid Application Development (RAD) project. We use automated CASE and object-oriented tools to the fullest extent, as well as reusable code and objects. Iterative testing of the application during development ensures its accuracy and completeness.

    Data Quality Engineering

      Using our proven Data Quality Engineering methodology and a suite of automated tools, we can identify and correct both erroneous data and their sources. This is particularly well suited to legacy systems. You’ll benefit from having a validated baseline and metrics to monitor and maintain data quality in the future.

    IT Planning

      We have numerous services designed to address a broad range of IT issues, including IT Strategic Planning; Inventory & Assessment; Architecture & Migration Strategy; Application Requirements Definition; COTS Requirements Analysis, Evaluation & Selection; Data Architecture & Warehousing and Intranet Implementation Services.

    General Services

      ADP-related services provided included are comprehensive training programs, world-class facilitation support for meetings, team building services, project management mentoring, customer surveys with focus groups and specialized survey techniques.

Key Advantages of the
ATSA GSA Schedule

      Ø Simplified ordering procedures

      Ø Schedule prices have already been determined fair and reasonable by GSA

      Ø Order directly from ATSA

      Ø You manage the effort and retain control of your project

      Ø Get maximum flexibility for teaming arrangements

      Ø No synopsis required

      Ø No additional competition requiredbest value award

      Ø No maximum order limitation

      Ø Increased opportunities for price reductions

      Ø You pay ATSA directly

    Ordering Information

    Can YOU purchase from The ATSA GSA Schedule? YES for any one of the following:

    Ø All military and civilian agencies.

    Ø All executive, legislative and judicial agencies.

    Ø Agencies using non-appropriated funds (see 41 CFR 101-26.000)

    Ø Government contractors authorized by the contracting officer via a letter (see Part 51 of FAR)

    Ø Mixed-ownership government corporations as defined by the Government Corporation Act (US.C. 9101).

    Ø Civilian and military commissaries for their own use, not for resale.

    Ordering is SIMPLE!

    It’s easy to order from ATSA GSA Schedule. Follow these steps.

    • Ø Start by identifying and quantifying your requirements.
    • Ø Call ATSA to review your requirements with one of our professional associates.
    • Ø Plan for future requirements with one of our professional associates.
    • Ø Establish a mutually agreed-upon Statement of Work.
    • Ø Establish funding requirements based on ATSA’s proposal.
    • Ø Send your purchase order with an agreed upon Statement of Work to ATSA.

Call for Additional Information

Don’t hesitate to call if you need more information. Place a call to 405-946-2872 or Toll Free 877-535-1086 and talk to an ATSA Professional Associate about your requirements.

Ordering IT Services

ATSA, a privately held company, has over 13 years of providing quality technical services to the federal government. We are recognized by our clients for innovative and cost-effective solutions. We have many dedicated professionals on our staff, directly supporting a diverse customer base. Our available skills span the complete life cycle of information technology services. This enables ATSA and our customers to define flexible and complete solutions to complex requirements. The guidelines below summarize the process for ordering Information Technology Services from ATSA.

Services ordered must be accompanied by a specific Statement of Work. ATSA will support potential customers in the definition of requirements and estimating the number of hours and labor categories required to ensure rapid processing of orders. Typical items in a Statement of Work include:

    • Scope of Work
    • Location of Work
    • Period of Performance
    • Deliverables Schedule
    • Applicable Standards
    • Acceptance Criteria
    • Special Requirements (e.g., security clearances, travel, special knowledge)
    • Orders for services can be structured as Firm Fixed Price or Fixed Price Level of Effort
    • Orders for services may be combined with orders for products and training
    • Use your agency’s approved GSA purchase order form
    • Discounts may be available for larger orders and long-term assignments




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